Share Your Favorite Bead Organizers and Bead Storage Solutions!

We all love seeing each other's studio spaces or work areas, favorite tools, books, etc. Yesterday I shared some of my favorite bead storage solutions.

Now it's your turn to share your favorite products for organizing and storing your beads. 

I've compiled a list on Squidoo of 50 great bead organizers and storage products for you to review.

Just pick a product you own and love and click the Review It button. Then write about why you love it. (And if your favorite product isn't in the list, you can still review it as long as it's sold on Amazon.) It's simple, easy, and fun, and you might even earn a bit of cash along the way if someone buys the product on Amazon through your review.

When your review is published, share the link to your review in the comments section of my product review list page (or here, if you prefer) so I and others can check it out. I'll be sharing some of my favorites here, on Squidoo, and on social media.

Ready to get started?

Review your favorite bead organizers and storage solutions.

 I've shared my favorites with you, so come on and show us yours. Fair's fair! :)

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