Polymer Clay Jewelry

Articles, tips, and tutorials for making polymer clay jewelry projects.

Polymer Clay Mokume Gane Tutorial: Cabochons for Jewelry Making - If you've always loved the look of polymer clay mokume gane and wanted to try it, this is a very easy but very detailed step-by-step tutorial with lots of close-up photos. Learn how to choose clay colors that will work well for this technique, determine the layer order for maximum contrast, add real or imitation gold leaf (or silver, copper, or variegated leaf), create the mokume gane stack or billet, distort it to change the "topography" of the stack using a very simple technique, slice paper-thin layers with a tissue blade, and arrange them on a polymer clay backing sheet to create a smooth, patterned veneer. Then learn a simple way to turn the veneer sheet into mokume gane cabochons that you can use in your jewelry making!

Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial: Fantasy Flower Jewelry - A fun and easy polymer clay jewelry project to try! This detailed tutorial has step-by-step instructions and photos that make it very easy to follow successfully. There's also lots of opportunity to customize the design to make your own unique polymer clay fantasy flower pin, pendant, ring or earrings!

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