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I've written lots of metal clay articles, metal clay tutorials, book reviews and product reviews on a wide range of metal clay topics. Jewelry artists, teachers and students around the world rely on my metal clay articles, which originally were published on Squidoo and are now with the rest of my articles on HubPages. Whether you're working in fine silver clay, sterling silver clay, copper clay, bronze clay, or other types of metal clay, you're sure to find valuable and helpful information in these links!

Metal Clay Overview - An introduction to metal clay and an extensive list of links to metal clay resources, including metal clay classes, top metal clay artists and teachers, and much more.

Gold and Silver Metal Clay Brands and Formulas - The similarities and differences between the top brands and formulas of precious metal clay (PMC Standard, PMC+, PMC3, Art Clay Silver and Art Clay Gold) and gold metal clay paints (Aura 22, Accent Gold for Silver / AGS). Includes key characteristics, best uses and firing schedules.

Lump Metal Clay, Syringe, Slip or Paste, and Sheet or Paper-Type Metal Clay - Learn about the four forms of metal clay and the best uses of each one.

How to Make Silver Metal Clay Oil Paste - This easy tutorial provides a metal clay oil paste recipe for PMC silver clay that also can be adapted to many (but not all) other brands, formulas and types of metal clay.

Metal Clay Tools, Supplies and Equipment List - Detailed recommendations for the best metal clay tools, supplies and equipment. Broken out into must-have, nice-to-have and want-to-have tools, supplies and equipment for beginner, intermediate and advanced metal clay artists.

Metal Clay Textures - A treasure trove of dozens of different ways to add texture to metal clay using found objects, materials found in nature (leaves, twigs, stones, etc.), purchased textures and unique textures to make yourself using an intriguing variety of methods.

Setting Gemstones in Metal Clay - Learn a wide range of different methods for setting gemstones in metal clay both before and after firing. Includes bezel settings, prong settings, flush settings, commercial settings, custom settings, and many other options for setting gemstones and other objects in metal clay.

BRONZClay - Everything you want to know about BRONZclay brand bronze clay from Metal Adventures, from how to condition it properly to remove the stickiness to firing schedules, patina, and much more. Includes some truly stunning examples of bronze clay jewelry by top metal clay artists!

BRONZclay Tools, Supplies and Equipment - Bronze clay needs to be kiln-fired between layers of activated coconut carbon inside a lidded stainless steel container. BRONZclay brand bronze clay also requires conditioning. I've put together a comprehensive list of the tools, supplies and equipment you'll need and want for working with BRONZclay brand bronze clay from Metal Adventures.

Storing Metal Clay - The best metal clay storage methods. Includes recommendations for both short-term storage during a work session and long-term metal clay storage.

Drying Metal Clay - There are many different methods for drying metal clay. This article explains the benefits and drawbacks of each one to help you make informed decisions for how best to dry your metal clay jewelry project.

How to Reconstitute Dried Metal Clay Tutorial - Presents several different ways to reconstitute or rehydrate dried metal clay and the pros and cons of each method. A great way to turn dried metal clay scraps, broken metal clay projects or components, dried pieces you've decided not to fire or want to remake, or even dried out lump clay back into pliable clay again that you can reuse.

How to Weave Silver Metal Clay Paper or Sheet to Make Woven Fine Silver Jewelry - A detailed, illustrated step-by-step tutorial with helpful diagrams to guide you through every step in making beautiful fine silver weaving using PMC+ Sheet or Art Clay Silver Paper Type metal clay.

Book Review: How to Make Silver Charms from Metal Clay by Sue Heaser - My in-depth review of well-known miniaturist Sue Heaser's "charming" book on making silver metal clay charms. Learn how to sculpt miniature ballerina shoes, sheath dresses, sailboats, teddy bears, parasols, champagne glasses and much more in silver clay, how to add color with paint, enamel, patina, etc., and lots of ways to display and wear your adorable silver charms besides just making charm bracelets.

Book Review: Designing From the Stone by Lisa Barth - My detailed review of renowned jewelry artist Lisa Barth's outstanding book on bezel setting gemstones in metal clay.

Metal Clay Product Reviews and Recommendations - My personal reviews and recommendations of metal clay related products and services that I think are noteworthy.

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